We are a team of researchers and developers creating intelligent infrastructure that integrates with surrounding physical spaces to solve any challenge. Our current focuses are:

Physical security intrusion detection and tracking for comprehensive defense.
Predictive healthcare for early intervention against deadly diseases.
Smart web apps that let you do more with less to save time and money.

Our Story

ASSET originated as the result of six years of research into automatic detection of human falls through user-independent, smart homes by an interdisciplinary team of engineers and medical doctors. During the research years, the original team was backed by organizations including the Alzheimer's Association, the National Science Foundation, the University of South Carolina, and the Veterans Administration Hospital System.

Our journey began as a civil engineering freshman student, a professor, and a medical doctor looked to develop a technique that gave any building a way to "feel" when a person tumbled over. Then, in collaboration with Intel's Rapid Prototyping Team, a new sensor platform was developed, and the team set out to record real world falls to validate the technique. What they discovered would instead open up a new way to locate activity anywhere in or on a structure.

Fast forward to the present where ASSET has continued the culture of discovery and nurtured strong relationships with universities. We continue to research core knowledge in collaboration with universities, and turn that knowledge into products that provide intelligent infrastructure solutions for everyday use. This allows us to provide superior solutions to any challenge.

The Team

Our team combines over 120 years experience from staff and advisors to create a potent force for developing intelligent infrastructure solutions. Members hail from a multitude of disciplines including engineering, computer science, healthcare, and physiology with education from institutions such as the University of South Carolina, the University of Washington, and the University of California, Berkeley. With such a diverse background, we see a challenge from a variety of perspectives allowing us to provide a comprehensive solution.